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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Pleasures of Innkeeping

While innkeeping is a very difficult and demanding job, it can also be very rewarding. This past weekend, I had a great group of guests and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them. A beautiful day, bubbling fountain, newly hatched Blue Jays and bottle of wine would make anyone enjoy the surroundings. As an owner dedicated to providing the best possible service, I don't often get to enjoy the ambience that Cromwell Manor Inn offers. Once in a while, it refreshes your spirit and reengergizes you when you take a step back and simply relax!

Baby Blue Jays waiting to be fed.

Playing guitar on the patio out back and talking to guests (or listening to them sing along) is just plain fun! Having guests take a blanket to the back yard to play cards, drink wine, and watch the beautiful sunset really puts the B&B's selection as one of NY's "Best Romatic Inns" into perspective. Listening to a guest play Billy Joel tunes on the piano in the parlor (with other guests sitting in) is very enjoyable. Hearing accolades from guests on a restaurant I suggested makes me feel like I am doing my job!

Of course at the end of the day, the realities on innkeeping come back to me as I do laundry, shopping, repairs, or whatever else the job necessitates. However, it's nice once in a while to remember why I wanted to own an Inn and to enjoy it as much as my guests do. That happened this weekend and will happen more often this summer!

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