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Location: Cornwall, Hudson Valley Area/New York, United States

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Great B&BS!

Cromwell Manor Inn, a Top 10 Inn located in Cornwall, New York has come up with a new classification for B&B's - B&BS. No it's not what you may think, although there may be some BS at the inn. B&BS stands for a Bed and Breakfast with a Song.

The owner of the inn, Jack Trowell, loves to play guitar but has a voice that will make small children cry. Fortunately Jack hired Pamela Rini, a local recording artist, to help with the cooking and serving. After serving breakfast to 25 people and cleaning up the kitchen, they would take a break and play some songs in the parlor. Jack spent several weeks trying to convince Pamela to sing a song at breakfast, with little success. Finally, when some guests asked her to sing (an undercover sting set up by Jack) she agreed. The rest is history! Guests have commented that Pamela's voice was so beautiful, it gave them goosebumps and Jack loves it because Pamela even makes his guitar playing sound good. A song or two is now part of each weekend breakfast.

Next time you hear someone talking about BS, they are probably referring to Cromwell Manor Inn and the Bed and Breakfast with a Song! You can experience the B&BS yourself by booking at or by calling 845-534-7136. Cromwell Manor Inn is "highly recommended" by USA Today and was called "A fantastic B&B" on the CBS Early Show.

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